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Greetings Potential Celebration Singer,

So, you want to be a Celebration Singer! Well, we would love to have you join our "Choral Team." Before you commit yourself, there are a few things you need to know. We are NOT just your typical group of singers who stand in choral positions on risers with our faces buried in our music. We are the Celebration Singers Choral Entertainment Experience. We relate to our audience. We educate our audience. We entertain our audience. Read on:

As a Celebration Singers "Choral Team" member, you will participate in every aspect of the choral entertainment experience.


Celebration Singers performs every type of music, from Classical to Broadway, from the Big Band sound to popular American Standards. We even perform original music.

Staging and Memorizing Music

In performances, you may have an opportunity to use your music on some songs. When a song is staged; however, you will be required to memorize the music. Staging may include movement or choreography, which will also require your participation.


You are required to purchase the Celebration Singers "uniform" which includes the black gown and Celebration Singers Polo Shirt for women and a tuxedo and Celebration Singers Polo Shirt for men. To complement the shirts, wear your own black pants and shoes. In addition to wearing the formal and/or casual "uniform," you may be asked to wear costumes or accessories (hats, gloves, etc.) and use props. Usually, these items are provided.


As with anything in life, it takes money to run an organization and The Celebration Singers is no different. Dues will be collected from each member during each season. Currently, dues are $50.00 per season. This amount is subject to change depending upon the needs of the group.


Attendance at rehearsals and performances is key with the Celebration Singers. This also includes getting to rehearsals on time. Rehearsals are every Tuesday, 8 - 10pm during each season. As we get closer to show time we may start rehearsal at 7:00pm and we may stay later than 10:00pm. During show week, an additional dress rehearsal will be included usually on the Wednesday of that week but occasionally it will be the Thursday of that week. We will do our best to let you know ahead of time. The attendance policy is explained in the handbook.

Weekend Retreat

Celebration Singers has instituted a weekend retreat during the fall and spring seasons. The retreat includes intensive rehearsals with social activity. There is a fee associated with this activity. Information on time, place and fee will be announced.


The Celebration Singers enjoys 2 seasons that coincide with the school year. We begin rehearsals in August/September for a holiday concert in December. We usually schedule our holiday concert for the second weekend in December. We take some time off for the holidays. We resume rehearsals in January for a spring concert in May/June. The actual date of the spring show is dependant upon availability of a concert venue. In addition, Celebration Singers gets out into the community for performances which include tree-lighting ceremonies, hospitals, nursing homes and town festivals, to name a few. Don’t worry; we strive to give you enough notice to fit it into your busy schedule.

Choral Festivals

The Celebration Singers has periodically participated in choral festivals. Previous engagements that we participated in took place in Chicago and Washington DC and at Carnegie Hall. For those of you who are interested, we will provide information on this at rehearsals if and when the opportunities present themselves. There may be additional fees associated with this activity. Participation in these events are voluntary.


A lot of work goes into the running of the Celebration Singers and our production. There is a board of directors and there are committees that a member can become involved in to help with the details of running the Celebration Singers. Publicity, costuming, props, and set directions are just a few of the ways you can help. Please consider assisting in any of these areas. We can always use more help.

So now that we’ve told you what the Celebration Singers is about, are you ready to give us a try? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

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